Paul Galbraith’s initial experiences with his new playing posture coincided with his first trip to Brazil in 1984. As a recipient of the Caird Traveling Scholarship, he had the opportunity to study composition with the vanguard German teacher, Hans-Joachim Koellreuter, in Rio de Janeiro. This same year, he gave a British council tour of Greece and also toured Holland.
In 1986, Galbraith played for Queen Elizabeth of England, and soon after toured extensively throughout Brazil. In the years that followed, Galbraith further toured in India and Germany, besides concertising regularly in Greece where he lived for eighteen months. During this period he began giving masterclasses and taking on students.
In 1989, months before Galbraith returned to live in England, the Sunday Times dubbed his new posture “revolutionary”. “The results were truly remarkable, with an amazing clarity and a huge dynamic range…the audience was held spellbound”.
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