In September of 1996, Paul Galbraith moved with his wife and new-born daughter to São Paulo, Brazil, where he still lives. “Ever since my first visit in 1984 when I came for a couple of months, I’ve felt at home here. It was also during that first visit that I met my wife, Célia. Even without knowing much about the country back then, I swore that one day I would live here. One of the few references I had was that it was the country of Sergio and Eduardo Abreu, guitarists who were my idols as a kid”, he reminisces.

Between his frequent tours in the US and Europe, Galbraith strengthened his musical ties with Brazil. His friendship with guitarist Everton Gloedon, whom he had got to know in London, motivated him to form a guitar quartet with him, together with his brother Edelton Gloedon and friend Tadeu do Amaral in 1998. Released by Delos records the following year, the Brazilian Guitar Quartet’s debut album “Essência do Brasil”, with Classic Brazilian works by Carlos Gomes, Guarnieri, Mignoni and Villa-Lobos, was welcomed warmly by critics.

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